• Paving the way for custom butted steel frame bikes, surly is one of our top suppliers. Whether you plan to commute, tour, explore trails or do gravel riding, surly frames will be sure to last and bring you that ultimate "Surly ride".

  • Leading the industry in inovative mountain bikes, and headquartered here in Washington state. We have been a proud kona dealer for OVER 30 YEARS! Their line of hardtails offer everything from an entry level bike for the local trails to a gnarly shredder capable of the harshest whistler trails.

  • One of our newest brands salsa has been leading the charge in the industry for adventure bikes. We find that salsa cycles make for fantastic commuter mon-fri, and trail rider on the weekend type of bike. If you are looking for something to spice up your riding life ask us how salsa might help.

  • One of our main suppliers for kids bikes, Jamis offers a bike your kiddo will easily love and leave them wanting to jump onto two wheels for the rest of their lives! They are proud to build bikes for people of all experience levels and offer a range of hybrid and adult rides as well. 

  • Offering a lightweight and versatile ride we love Haro kids bikes. Whether you have an experienced lil shredder or a new rider Haro has you covered with a durable frame set up too ensure a ride the kids are going to love. Ask us about the current selection of Haro bikes we have in stock.

  • Founded with the intent to make a change on our environmental impact as well enabling communities and families of all diversities to ride, Yuba has been crushing the game. No matter the adventure youre set out on Yuba will carry you and the gang the whole way and leave you ready to hop back on.

We carry a wide variety of new and used bikes, not limited to the brands listed below. Please stop in store to see the full selection.