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                              Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have been the solution many riders have been looking for. A powerful motor and the right battery can increase your range of exploration without fear of not being able to ride back home. In the Seattle area in particular the electric assist of E-Bikes can help conquer the hills

After years of dealing with weak and unreliable systems we have settled onto the most reliable system available. 

  1. You choose the bike or use your current bike
  2. 3 times the power of more expensive E Bikes (750 watts)
  3. Reliable and easier to maintain
  4. Double the range of many batteries (840 W/h)
  5. Lower price with more range and power

Seattle has many challenges such as hills and weather. A well equipped E Bike will make those challenges disappear.   With our conversion you get more range, more power, and more reliability than with any production E Bike.  In Seattle, your far better off with an efficient 750 watt motor than a 250 watt motor. You will have a much longer battery life if the range is longer for each recharge. 

You choose the bike size, style, color or use a bike you already have. You also choose the budget depending on the cost of the bike you are converting. The equipment we use will fit any standard bicycle and never become obsolete through design changes. Get a free quote for a conversion of your bike or one of our new bikes.

Due to supply shortages motor kits and batteries can only be sold with installation